Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shock and Outrage

Why the shock and surprise over the Brett Favre situation in Minnesota?

I mean seriously.

The guy opted not to show up for two-a-days and now we're surprised when he objected to being pulled and his head coach reconsidered.

This should be a non-story. It's been asked and answered. Brett Favre runs the ship in Minnesota. It's that simple. So who cares? So far it has worked out fairly well for the Purple and Yellow. They are cruising along and are the top contender to knock off the Saints in the NFC playoffs.

Oh, but now that the Vikes have lost a few in a row - and Favre hasn't looked as good it makes a difference. Is that what we are saying?

Not me.

Truly, though, how many pitchers have argued when a manager came to the mound to let them stay in. Let them get the next hitter. Or even more closely related, how many of those conversations go on in a dugout between innings? It's really not a big deal.

Now, if Childress thought his team's best chance to win on Sunday night was with Favre on the bench, then he should have made the move regardless of the feedback he got from the signalcaller. But if he was already resigned to losing, and was only trying to give Favre the rest of the night off. Then so what?

I'm not a big Brett Favre fan.  I respect his ability. I think he is good. But if I thought he was wrong here, I'd piled on. But in this case, that would be unnecessary. Favre just wanted to play. As a competitor he wanted to work out the problems. Try to rescue his team. Can't fault him for that. And for discussing this with his head coach when he was pulled, it isn't a big deal.

We'll see if this lights a fire under Favre and the Vikings. Seems as if they might need it right now. But it shouldn't be the wedge that drives between them. The groundrules were laid a long time ago. Nothing has changed.

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  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Let's hear it for the 'Skins