Friday, December 11, 2009

View from my Couch - Friday Night


Watched the end of this game. It was a good matchup between two teams that are both pretty good. However, they aren't overly publicized on the national level. Still, I think both of these teams have the possibility of being second weekend teams. In fact, I would think Dayton would be a favorite to wear its home jerseys on the first day of the tournament. Maybe even for the first weekend. But that might be expecting too much. Anyhow, the Flyers led 49-48 at the Under 4 timeout and reeled off seven straight points to seize control. Old Dominion was playing a 3-2 zone and Dayton found a way to get penetration down the middle of the zone on two straight possessions. It led to a dunk and a kickout three that really put Dayton in the drivers seat. That and some lockdown defense on the other end proved to be the difference. A deserved win for Dayton.

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