Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Funny Things you hear while watching TV

Wagner and BYU are on - and because I am an NEC fan - I'm watching a 20-point no emotion basketball game, when the Colts potential undefeated season is going up in smoke on NFL TV. That actually might be a little more exciting.

But this BYU announcer - its BYU TV (374 on DIRECTV) - oh look the Colts scored - just said, "Mike Deane will get this team back. They are going through a rough patch. But he'll get them back to the top of their conference where they were two years ago, when they won 22 games but sort of got cheated out of an NCAA berth. Mt. St. Mary's didn't win 20 games that year, but won the conference tournament and went to the tournament and got the reward of getting to play North Carolina in the first round."

I don't know who the BYU announcer is. Yet his comments sort of struck me the wrong way. Me being a Mount fan and all. And I immediately thought, I wonder how they'd feel about Wagner getting cheated of the bid two years ago at Robert Morris.

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