Friday, December 04, 2009

The Day After: Observations from the Robert Morris Loss

I've had a night to try to sleep that off, I'm glad I didn't write this last night - because there is that saying, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. With that in mind here goes....

  • Flat out, that was the most disappointed at a Mount effort that I've been since the home loss to Sacred Heart two years ago. Ok, I guess effort isn't fair, I didn't see anyone not playing hard. Substitute performance. I'm a die hard fan. Last night was tough to take.
  • I like good defense. I understand the impact it has on games. I understand why it's important. I think the Mount is a good - maybe very good defensive team. But I also think they need to get a lot better offensively. Anyone can have a poor shooting night. The Mount has had a bunch lately. Last night the first half was the worst. And they aren't creating any EASY buckets. They need to find a way to get some of those.
  • Great job by Robert Morris. I don't think they are as talented offensively as the Mount. And they are certainly not as experienced. But I expected them to come out ready to defend after the 11-day layoff. They took it one notch higher.
  • I continue to be impressed with Karon Abraham. He wasn't as good as I thought he could be last night, but he helped them.
  • Russell Johnson was very very good. The three-pointer was a killer - and apparently one that we should let him shoot - according to the post game comments. But it was more than that. He has an athletic ability you don't see much at this level.
  • In my opinion, the Mount needs more pace in its offense. In some ways it has become stagnant. There is not enough ball movement to create good and easy shots. I think the numbers are backing my thoughts as well. Two figures that have seemed to indicate success for the Mount over this 3-season stretch have been 70 points - and 1 point per possession. When they hit those bench marks they are tough to beat. They haven't been doing it much this season. Last night was no exception.
  • Saturday is a must win.
  • Best part of the night was seeing Will Holland in uniform. Hope that means he is close to returning. This team needs him right now.
  • I won't give up on this team. But I'm afraid early results like this will lead to others giving up. The two home games have had great crowd support. The road trip to Navy was well attended by Mount fans. I don't want to see that go away. Stick with this team.

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