Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mount Savannah State Game Blog

I'm on the road with my soccer team so I'm watching the stream courtesy of

I'll post my thoughts as the night wears on....

But first somebody tell Stofberg that Savannah State is an independent and not in the MEAC.

7:08 - A good start for the Mount, they lead 10-4 at the first MTO. Some balanced scoring, Atupem and Barber have gotten inside, and Castellanos just scored off the bench. Savannah State is not very good but the Mount is taking it to them right now.

7:14 - Raven Barber having some success inside. He had a dunk and a three-point play offensively and a big block at the defensive end. The Mount leads it 16-8.


  1. You missed a great experience. Shawn aside, let's hear it for Coach Burke's staff recruiting two freshmen who are the nucleus of a decent team!

    Also what you did not see was the return of students to the Knott. The entire section filled, all in white, cheering and, well, something not seen in several years. A real good sign. The entire crowd had energy, more than I have seen even for playoff games, in 5 years.

    As I mentioned, Norfleet can shoot the sphere. He is also a very good defender and knows when to pass the ball. He also doesn't foul.

    Castellanos is steady with his handling of the ball and a real asset. He also defends well and knows when and how to take it to the hoop.

    Trice played well, too many turn overs, but better with controlled quickness. What I did not like was his reactions (twice) toward his teammates. Coach called him on one occasion, another good sign.

    Pierre does not have a broken toe as reported, but a larger bone in his foot. Could be out for the season. Krajina may be back soon. Cajou still unknown.

    That's it for now. Glad they won.

  2. Jean Cajou was sitting in the seats behind the bench. Every time I looked at him, he showed no emotion whatsoever. What is up with that? I am glad Mount finally figured out what Savannah st. was trying to do. They were playing similar to Princeton with deliberateness. I wonder why Burke didn't recognize that since he has experience with it? If the Mount would have put Sav. St away more in the first half then Savannah would not have been able to run their set plays. If a team is behind that plays that way, it is real difficult to come back. Savannah surprised me with their uniqueness. They were enjoyable to watch with how they managed their game. It is a wonder Savannah doesn't have a better record, they are uniquely interesting. As for the students, I doubt they will be at the next game-TGiving break. One thing of note: what in thee heck was Hardisky thinking by letting that guy be the announcer? You could barely hear him, he made many mistakes, had no enthusiasm. The last guy sucked too but this one is much worse. I severely miss Dave Owens because he really got the crowd into it. Oh well, MSM actually should beat Niagara because they lost almost everybody from last year. Then they play FAMU, which whipped Sav. St. by 11. this first home game has me worrying. The Mount was supposed to whip Sav. St. and couldn't figure them out. Good job by Broadnax. Did not see Tony Little. I hope he isn't still upset about Brown leaving and Dunlap not getting the job. Was he there Harry? by the way, I was at the RMU-Duquesne game Friday and it was the same old dirty playing crybaby style out of them. Some dude is going to punch Karon out one game with the way he has been acting lately. He is overrated. They are overrated. They just know how to get away with things for some reason. So do, Quinnipiac, Monmouth, and sometimes CCSU too. It isn't a money thing is it? If so, i will stop going.

  3. Thought last night's game was brilliant in places and very sloppy in others. Seeing a real need for big men who can do the job down low. The guards, especially the freshmen are really showing some talent, so that's encouraging. Can you tell me about the Niagara game, will it be on the radio or internet via streaming?


  4. Good comments all.

    Harry -

    1. Attendance over 1,700 and lots of students. I was there and I agree it was at times electric.
    2. Norfleet is not only what you mention, but 'one turnover' in over 100 minutes!
    3. Castellanos - also rarely gives it away.
    4. Trice - Improved yes, but now 13 TO in 3 games. Gotta cut that stat down.
    5. Medical issues - yes, it is hard to believe playing without three players we all thought would be major contributors, possible starters (Brown, Krajina, Cajou) we are fielding a team with some good potential.

    Overall, I agree the recruits are far better than many of the blogs predicted. One credit to the recruiters. The other credits go to the coaches for getting this group together and dealing with what they have.

    Richard -

    I gotta agree Savannah State has some talent. I see Pomeroy has them at 319, but they will win some games with their style. They have 3 redshirts. I am glad we played them this year. Any win is a good win.

    I did not see Jean, but I wish him the best with whatever caused the leave of absence and I hope it all works out for him.

    Jeff -

    Here is the Lockport (NY) television site. They stream some of the games, perhaps we will have some luck tomorrow?

  5. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I see game. I make these observations on players not yet mentioned.

    #10 excellent player. #42 good defender. #35 will be good; needs to play with more aggression. #30 fast and strong; missed too many easy tries, will improve. #34 needs to move without ball.