Saturday, November 27, 2010

Florida A&M visits the ARCC

I'm looking forward to my first live look at the Mount this season. Albeit a shortened look as I'll have to leave well before the game is over, perhaps before halftime.

This is certainly a game that the Mount can win, and when the schedule makers put this one on the calendar one that you would expect they would win. However, as we've learned ever so cruelly at times, we don't always get what we expect.

The Rattlers enter with a 2-3 record and an identical 1-2 record against the rest of this tournament field. A better win than the Mount posted against Savannah State, but a pair of 20 point losses to the two Ohio outfits.

The Mount continues to be somewhat undermanned. Injuries have cut into the plan. Yet the first year coaching staff continues to find ways to utilize the parts it has inherited.

I'm looking for a big game from Shawn Atupem and for the Mount to somehow grind one out in the end. Let's go with 59-55.


  1. I did not see you there, but then again, I do not know what you look like!

    Well, expectations fulfilled. They were actually pretty steady. Shawn was virtually absent for a while, but finished with good numbers and a good presence.

    Someone named "z" commented a few games ago that #35 needs to be more aggressive. Holy Cow (thank you Phil Rizzuto) has Raven been showing some stuff.

    I applaud the coaching and the efforts of the players, playing as a team and improving each game.

    Good to see Lamar again displaying more control. Good to see Norfleet play defense and making his shots. Who was it (ha! almost everyone) who said MSM is in such dire straits because the Milan recruits opted out?

    In that regard, check Morales's stats, and note Jeff James and Burrell are not playing!

    Watch the post game interviews; you will see a good coach and how he relates to his team.

  2. One more contributor today, Wells. Good energy. As his medical problem heals I suspect he will be more of a force.

    Did anyone else see the Thompson block coming? I was screaming to everyone around me it was about to happen.

  3. Harry and anyone else- Although the Mount found a way to win today, I have to disagree with your assessment that they were 'steady'. So far, I have watched all but one game (2 home and 2 on video)- not the Cincy game- but listened to Cincy on the radio...and.... out of all the games thus far, this FAMU game had to be the Mount's worst performance. I thought the Mount played absolutely horrible today and there is no way they would have won against better competition. FAMU was a terrible team too, hence the win. We are seeming to play to our competition like so many other teams do. Way too many airballs and terrible shots today. I have no idea why the Mount does not put them away when they have the chance this year. You think Lamar played with control? Are you ok? Didn't you see the 3 or 4 airballs he threw up? And he still likes to take too many errant shots and be selfish? Didn't you see when a freshman, Norfleet, had to go to Trice and point to his head to tell him to use it? Sorry to be so negative but I saw a bad performance. As for Raven, yes he still does need to be more aggressive, a lot of his shots were easy and open. He did play with more aggression today than usual, but he should be taking it to them even more. I am so concerned about our depth and we need at least Jean to come back ASAP to get things under control more. If the Mount plays like they did today against the upper division of the NEC they will get whipped, yeah, even by Drunk-On Abraham-less RMU, lol. we played good against the big boys of Ohio and Niagara, but not really against these 2 southern weaklings. The Niagara game really bothers me still. We truly should have stole one on the road there. Mount better not slack off against Navy because Navy is going to be angry from losing to UMES today after beating Towson. If you watched the generic post game interview on the website then you would have caught Burke admitting they were not playing Mount basketball very much. While I do believe we are in better hands with Burke than with Milan, we have much work to do. damn, I bet it would have been nice to have had Burke instead of Milan during the Mount's playoff runs. If so, I believe we would be talking about how we made 3 straight trips to the postseason instead of RMU. It kind of appears that Trice is Burke's little baby boy with the way he puts his arm around him and supports him in the interview. Yes, Trice has good athleticism and quickness, but not much on brains. I was hollering all game for Wells. Why aren't they playing him more? He would make our frontline virtually unstoppable. We do need Cajou bad, maybe he can straighten Trice out. In the end, i was just glad for the win and a big sigh. I see big potential at the Mount though, it just needs to be fulfilled with keener execution. Oh well, can't wait for Monday!

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