Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mount Fans make voices heard

Even our very own Richard gets a mention .... there couldn't be 2 Richards could there?

But some good stuff nonetheless. Not sure about the curse of MSM or if it was the curse of THEFANBLOG.

Kansas State falls to Duke ... was it the curse of Mount St. Mary's? - The Pitch News - Plog
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  1. Oh Raff, believe me, there are many many Richard's in the world. The difference between me and most Richard's is that I will actually speak my mind regardless of who is in attendance. I am not one to put on a show like I am better than what I truly am, like most in this country. I actually did like K-State but I am abhorred by Martin's comments. Who knows, maybe this will spur a challenge out of Burke and the crew and we get to host them next year?! Better yet, maybe we play them in the first round this year and get our revenge. Wouldn't that be a storyline for the media nutsies?

  2. Hey Raff I bet you can't stand that I am getting all this notoriety, since you don't want to hardly talk to me anymore.