Tuesday, November 16, 2010

UC blogger unimpressed in opener

Not a very impressive opener | UC Athletics Blog
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  1. I hope everything is ok with you Raff. I got my VaTech and Penn St. tickets today. However, depending upon my health, I could be at a hospital instead like you was. I had a CAT scan and found out that I had a lower hernia, cyst in my kidneys, and swelling of the liver- all that on top of me already having my 6th surgery in the past two years on January 3rd for my foot. Heck, I already had two knee replacements in a year and a half on the same knee and they sill didnt get it right, plus my spine problems are getting worse, even after having a fusion the other summer ago. Maybe the Mount can go on a winning streak and make things easier for me. So, what is everyone's predictions for Saturdays game? I say Mount will win by about 74-58.

  2. Correction Mount win, score probably 72-64. Savannah will make it a little hard, they are hungry for a win. FAMU whipped them.