Thursday, November 18, 2010

NCAAB - Game #20 - Maryland vs Pittsburgh - 2K Sports Classic

ESPN GameSite

Panthers advance to the championship game. Might have been a little bit closer than I would have suspected or at least a little closer for a little longer, but it's a good win for the Panthers. The Big East moves into its first final of one of the Exempt Tournaments.


  1. Maryland was 14-30 from the foul line. And they missed at least 4 front ends of the one and one. Doesn't this deserve a mention in the recap? Did you watch this game? They outplayed Pitt in nearly every aspect of the game minus the charity stripe. Don't comment on games unless you watch them. It doesn't serve anybody any good. It might have been closer than you expected, but it was not closer than it should have been. Rankings at this point of the season are useless. Either Pitt is overrated at #4 or Maryland is underrated at #??? (unranked). We'll find out as the season progresses.

  2. JP - Thanks for your insight. I hope that is what these game blogs can develop into. I saw some of the game, very little. That is why the link to the ESPN site is there, so that the facts can be extracted. I think my recap sort of indicates that. I appreciate knowing that folks like or don't like parts of what I'm doing here. So I'll take that under consideration.

    Maryland nearly lost to CofC because of the foul shooting. Bad Foul Shooting will cost you...and it apparently cost the Terps last night.

    I also think it's becoming an epidemic in college basketball. Seems like there are more and more 14-of-30 performances out there. I don't get it. They call them free throws for a reason don't they.