Thursday, November 25, 2010

All time Syracuse lineup : The fans' all-time Syracuse Orange basketball starting lineup features Carmelo Anthony, Dave Bing
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  1. Heck Raff, Carmelo only played a year. I seriously do not believe that merits a spot in the hall, regardless of how well he did. That is like how RMU likes to say that Rice was the greatest NEC coach of all time. People truly do not have to 'earn their stripes' in today's world. Anyways, Raff buddy, are you going to be at the game Saturday? If so, I always sit in the first general admission section, first seat in row F, right beside the parents in reserved section 5-directly across the court from Burke. I have only ever not sit in that seat maybe 2 games or so since the arena was built. That may change with my next surgery though. I'll most likely be sitting with a blonde as I usually do, if you want to come and say hi. I pick Mount to win 72-63. We have to get on a small roll too in order to beat Navy, since games with them always seem to be a dogfight. I hope you had a good holiday. I sat and watched football and of course basketball all day, among other things.