Thursday, November 18, 2010

NCAAB - Game #21 - Illinois vs Texas - 2K Sports Classic

ESPN GameSite

Illinois and Texas battle to face Pittsburgh in the finals.

The game is off to a quick start and Jordan Hamilton has started very quickly for the Longhorns. He has 13 points in the game's first ten minutes. Texas leads by 4. If you're not watching yet, you should tune in.

End to end action right now, certainly been one of if not the best games I've seen this year. It's good stuff.

Fittingly they are tied at 45 as they goto the half. Hamilton has 15 to lead all scorers, but a real good half for Tristan Thompson from the Horns as well. He has 12 points, 5 rebounds and a pair of assists, steals and blocks. Pretty effective.

Demetri McCamey leads the Illini with 12 points and 4 assists at the half.

I watched most of the second half this morning after DVR'ing the second half. But I didn't set the extension long enough to capture the end. Sort of bummed by that. But it was a very good game. It seemed like both teams adjusted a little bit defensively and took away options from the opposition down the stretch. And all of a sudden it became more of a streak oriented game. But still entertaining.

One question maybe somebody can answer? Was Jordan Hamilton on the bench at the end of the game for Texas? And if so Why?

Ultimately a good win for the 'Horns and be interesting to see how they come back on short rest against a solid Pitt team tonight. Also don't be surprised if Maryland upsets Illinois. Of course the Terps have got to make some foul shots.

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