Monday, November 15, 2010

Mount UC Game Blog

I'm in the ER so no thoughts from me on tonight's game. Post your thoughts in the comments.

Go Mount
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  1. I can write a bunch about the Mount and tonight's game - let's just say they were competitive and could have won the game. This is a big step from the many years we all have watched as MSM tries to compete with the bigger schools. I am so pleased with the effort of the players and coaches.

    Thoughts and a prayer for the ER thing. I know a physician who would be willing to help.

  2. What a very enjoyable game to listen to!!! We had them on the ropes like Georgetown the other year!!! Woooo hoo!!! We came so so close to having a BIG 5 players in double figures, instead it was 3 in dubs. I now feel very bad about not making the trip, but I will be in State College for the next feasible road game- won't make Niagara cuz we toured the falls last year. Biggest pleasant surprises so far have been Trice and the new BEAST-Danny T!!! Barber still played slightly beastly so maybe we will have a two- headed beast this year. Better yet, a 3 header with Shawn. But Shawn is simply a cat quick- perhaps tiger!!! So bring on them Tigers of Savannah St.!!!!!!!

    Hey Raff, I hope it is just a routine ER visit, if not then I wish you the best. If you do recover and get back in here then please do me a favor and stop hyping up RMU. St. Peter's just had a terrible shooting night. You will see in time that RMU will lose more than they win.