Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mount at Dayton Game Blog

It's ugly offensively from both sides.

The only thing worse is these Dayton announcers.

Dayton leads 24-17 with just over three to play in the first half, having scored 8 in a row.

Neither team has shot the ball very well. The Mount made just one of their first 15. Then it got a little bit better.

Dayton has 11 offensive rebounds, consequently 10 more shots. The difference in the game right now - as both teams have shot poorly. 28-19 Dayton right now. And we'll goto halftime with that score.

Dayton has been too much on the boards for the Mount. 31-14 advantage is ridiculous. The Mount is without both Kristian Krajina and Pierre Brown so there is no height on the wing. Essentially they are playing with three guards and the Flyers are absolutely killing them.

That and the fact that the Mount has shot 22.2% from the field. After making just one of their first 15, it did get a bit better the rest of the half making 5-of-12, but there were some open shots that need to be knocked down.

The Mount only turned the ball over three times. That is a real positive. I was deathly afraid that turnovers could make things very ugly in this game. That hasn't been the cause. Lamar Trice had 5 assists - considering the Mount had six baskets - that is a pretty good number. He didn't shoot well and he made some questionable shooting decisions but a pretty good half nonetheless from him.

Shawn Atupem and Julian Norfleet lead the Mount with 6 points each.

The Mount led 17-16 before Dayton closed the half on a 13-2 run.

More of the same to start the second half. Although there was a nice little move from Shawn Atupem in there somewhere....and the Flyers are starting to get their offense rolling. It's 36-23 Under 15 to go with Castellanos headed to the foul line.

The Mount cut it to 9 twice in a row, first on a three-pointer from Norfleet and then on a nice backdoor cut and an easy bucket from Norfleet. He has 13 now to lead the Mount. But as soon as the Mount starts getting going offensively they seem to relax at the defensive end. Happened a bit in the first half as well. The lead is back to 44-30 with just over 12 to play.


  1. How bout that dude, Shawn Atup-ee-um? At least that's how the announcers pronounced it, hahaha.

  2. Well, not at all bad for the Mount by my observation. Let's start with their man-to-man defense. Solid C+. If they box out, they get a B+. (I did not see much zone and I did not much like it when I saw it.)

    Offensively, the only thing to give a good grade on was the free throw shooting (B).

    Turnovers - except for Trice and Golloday out of control, a good overall effort (B).

    The whole game might have been different if we had made a few of the early open shots, but despite many open jumpers, poor shooting other than Thompson, Atupem and of course Norfleet. I am not going to give the team a grade.

    Rebounding? Well, Dayton had so many long shots with long rebounds, but the Mount needs to improve and cut down the offensive boards given up.


    1. The team certainly did not look outclassed.
    2. MSM handled the ball well, beat the press every time and made few bad passes.
    3. I am pleased to see how well Norfleet and Castellanos played.
    4. Shawn is a player; good game.
    5. The coaching, substitutions and time out calls.

    Overall, give us Cajou and a couple of early makes and it is a close game.

    Finally, I cannot assess what the difference might have been with Krajina and Wells available.

  3. Hey, what is going on with Krajina, Wells, and Brown anyway? I am worried about that, so please shed some light on that situation for me. Thanks. Overall, the Mount surprised me. With less missed opportunities, the game would have been closer too. I thought that David (Isiah Thomas)Golladay would have played better- I'm disappointed with that. Trice perplexes me as usual. Makes a great play then a boneheaded one. I guess Burke will learn soon not to keep him in that long. To heck with Yann Charles, Norfleet may be the freshman of the year.