Saturday, November 27, 2010

Observations from win over Florida A&M

I saw the first 18 minutes or so of the game, I liked what I saw, and I told my father before I left that if the Mount kept A&M off the offensive glass it would turn into a double digit win. Somebody tell me that is what happened. The Rattlers had 16 offensive rebounds for the game, I don't see a second half number, but it seemed like all of those happened early.

  • Jacolby Wells really seemed to provide life and energy on the glass in the brief moments I saw him. But he seemed like the guy that was needed for the job.
  • Very impressed with Danny Thompson and how he seemed to inject some life and leadership when things weren't going as well as needed in the first half. I've always liked what I've seen from Thompson, even though we haven't seen a lot, but he showed me something new today. It was a good sign.
  • The coaching staff continues to put the players in a situation to win ball games. Kudos to them. They are doing a lot of different things offensively, even saw a set or two of the old Phelan Flex in there, and they must have adjusted to go inside late. Raven Barber and Shawn Atupem are going to be spots where the Mount is better than most of its opposition.
  • Julian Norfleet seemed to have his best game (or at least half) that I've seen. He was much more under control than what I've seen in the opening moments of the season, and his shots seemed to come out of the flow of the offense.
  • Lamar Trice did a nice job off the bench. He has that Philadelphia desire to always get to the basket, but he did a better job staying within himself today. He also continues to show a jump shot that we weren't always sure would develop.


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  2. Hey guess who I seen at the game today!!??? None other than the wonderful Tony Little!! I guess his curiosity just couldn't take it anymore and he just had to come and see what this new Mount era is all about haha. I talked to him. I do not see his ads up in the arena anymore though. sorry, just had to bring that up. I am trying to get him to go with us to the Penn St. game. He said a simple 'we'll see'. I hope you go Raff.

  3. Richard - Thanks, as always, for your comments. Again I saw the first 18 minutes, so maybe Trice didn't play very well after I left. I thought he played well in that time period, and the numbers of the box score indicated he continued to play well. But maybe as we've always said, Lamar still needs to be consistent.

    As far as Jacolby goes. He has missed some gametime because of the injury and hasn't been at full strength yet. I'm sure that had something to do with his minutes.

    I agree A&M was not very good. But they did beat Savannah by double figures, so not sure SSU is any better. Also I'm starting to doubt how good Niagara might be. They lost by double digits to Albany, although they did beat Bowling Green. Ken Pomeroy has the Mount's schedule strength rated at 261. So it isn't as if we've been playing quality opposition.

    Still the staff has done a nice job of working with the inherited parts and finding guys in the late period to help them this year. With graduating three starters and then losing Cajou for the first semester it was going to be a tough job for anyone. The play has exceeded my expectations to this point. Couple that with three injuries from guys we expected to see a lot from and it makes you more impressed.

    And you've also got to give credit to the previous staff for recruiting the type of players and depth that is out there right now, which has helped to make this better than we might have expected.

    I still think this is a better than .500 team in the NEC, especially if Cajou comes back. Winning games in the next month may prove a bit more difficult as the intensity of the schedule increases after this week.