Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Martin apologizes

In response to the comments made by Kansas State head coach Frank Martin about Mt. St. Mary's, The FanBlog contacted the Kansas State athletic department with three questions regarding the situation.

Martin originally said, "It's not like we're Mt. St. Mary's. We've played these types of games before."

The FanBlog asked the following three questions....

1) Coach, as a fan of Mt. St. Mary's, I was somewhat pleased that you gave the program and school some recognition, but also disappointed that it was in such a negative light? Your reasoning behind calling out any other Division I school when dealing with your preparations for Duke?

2) Was there any special reason for using Mt. St. Mary's when you could have used one of the other 200+ small to mid major schools? In other words do you have some sort of connection to the school? A relationship with Coach Burke, or one of the previous coaches Milan Brown or Jim Phelan?

3) Since you have inferred that Mt. St. Mary's is not on your level, I'm sure you wouldn't shy away from a visit. Would you be open to playing a game at Knott Arena next fall or in the future? 

Martin did not directly respond to the questions that we posed....but Martin did issue the following statement....
“On Monday night, I made a regrettable comment in answering media questions regarding our upcoming game against Duke.  I unfortunately referred to the Mount St. Mary’s basketball program in a light that could be perceived negatively.  Though my comments were not intended to be discourteous, I apologize to the university, head coach Robert Burke, his team and fans of Mount St. Mary’s for my error in judgment.  As someone who received their college coaching start at similar institution (Northeastern), I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for the players and coaches at Mount St. Mary’s.  I know that they have a remarkable history in the college game, led by the accomplishments of legendary coach Jim Phelan, who won over 800 games during his distinguished tenure.”
Fair enough, Coach Martin. We'll call the case closed, until we meet in the Big Dance or you take me up on that offer to visit Knott Arena next year during the non-conference part of the schedule.


  1. OMG Raff that was awesome!! I wonder if it was truly Frank who wrote it? Since he is such a celebrity these days, you know he probably had his publicist respond.

  2. Hey Raff, tell me something. When do you think they will get around to firing Whitten? He has been downright terrible. Geeze, I miss sexy Vanessa Blair. I had some very nice times back in the day at some of the parties on campus with her.