Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Midday Brunch 11/24

The great thing about preseason tournaments is that teams emerge. It's a shame that one of them this year is UCONN. But it's happening. Chances were pretty good going into the Maui that the Huskies would leave the island with either a loss to Wichita State or two losses. Now they've played their way into the final.

Speaking of  losses, either Michigan State or Washington will leave Oahu with a pair. That third place game might just be the game of the evening. It wasn't at all surprising to me that Washington couldn't follow up its whitewashing of Virginia against Kentucky last night. Just didn't seem like the right circumstances for those Huskies. A bounce game was in the works and they needed better than than against the 'Cats.

Another pretty solid night for the NEC. Much to the delight of Richard, Karon Abraham was suspended for Robert Morris' battle at Pittsburgh. That left the Colonials without much firepower and they fell to the #5 Panthers 74-53.

But the other three NEC teams in action notched victories. Preseason favorite Quinnipiac drilled Dartmouth 69-52 on the road, unbeaten Long Island remained that way with an impressive 82-70 win at Fordham, and Sacred Heart surprised New Hampshire despite scoring only 14 points in the second half. The Pioneers downed the Wildcats 50-42.

You may recall that New Hampshire downed Holy Cross over the weekend. The loss was the first for New Hampshire and the first win for the Pioneers. Go figure. But a good win for the NEC over one of the better America East teams.

Trying to decide whether I want to take the Fan Blog on the road tonight. Might head down to the Towson Center to see the Tigers take on Navy. The Tigers would be a double digit favorite against the 1-5 Navy team. Have to see how the rest of the day shakes out.


  1. Raff, I am contemplating going to Towson myself, but it depends on my health status and pain levels today. Heck, now my gf has to go get surgery next week for her right foot, so it is up to her too. I'd rather see Towson play Western Michigan in their next game though since I like to see different teams instead of the same old. How bout those Colonials Raff? I am beginning to think that you actually like them with the way you promote them at times.

  2. I didn't go to Towson but I shall in the future. I really want to see some Colonial teams- my favorite conference. As for Karon, I am glad that RMU does do the right thing in that aspect. Just wait til you see how Karon acts this year. Last year I thought he was relatively quiet. Now he is constantly out dancing and bobbing his head up and down talking trash to others. All that notoriety went to his head. Then you have Velton Jones who does nothing but be a big bawl-baby anytime they call a foul or he screws up. I hope Norfleet shoots the lights out on Karon and I hope Shawn stuffs Russell like Gilbert Brown did last night. I absolutely despise that team. Grrrrrrrrr.