Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NCAAB - Game#3 - College of Charleston @ Maryland - 2K Sports Classic

A few observations from this one.

Obviously, the Terps were lucky to win. But let's see how it is perceived by the national media. Two nights ago when Pitt struggled against a similarly talented squad the media made more out of how it was great that they took the time to play Rhode Island early and less about the Panther deficiencies. I'm doubting we hear that as much this time. Yet, Charleston and Rhode are similar teams and when we see them play in Toledo next week we expect to see a quality game. But we're guessing more is made of the ineffiency of Maryland in this one.

And with that said and what we've seen of the other teams we don't expect the Terps to win a game in New York next week. They in my opinion are too inexperienced to beat Pitt and likely won't how the ability to handle either Illinois or Texas either. If they find a way to win one of two it would be a good trip.

Still we think this Maryland team can continue to get better as the season wears on. After they get through New York there isn't a lot on the non-conference schedule that isn't winnable. Penn State and Temple are probably the toughest tests. So they will have some time to grow before the regular season and could be a force within the ACC.

Can't imagine too much sleep for Milan Brown over the next few nights. The former Mount coach opens his Holy Cross tenure facing this same Charleston bunch on Saturday night in Worcester. It will be a tall task. I haven't seen exactly what Holy Cross has to offer, but its hard to imagine the Crusaders will have as much athleticism as the group from the SoCon conference. We know that there is plenty of excitement around the Holy Cross program, and we know that Milan and company will get his guys to compete. But it looks like it will be a tall order. We'll keep a close eye on what should be one of the more entertaining games of the opening weekend.

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