Friday, November 12, 2010

Syracuse Northern Iowa Game Blog

It's Ugly from the Dome thus far. The Orange has scored twice. A bucket in each four minute segment yet trails only 5-4.

Fab Melo scored early and Rick Jackson matched it. UNI plays some good defense but the Orange needs to move the ball a little more to create some things. And they better start worrying that a few of the jump shots the Panthers are throwing up might start going in.

Things have opened up a bit at the Dome. It's now 12-12 at the under 8. Dion Waiters hit a long jumper and the Orange offense has a bit more life. Starting to get into the type of game Syracuse would like to see.

Rebounding on the defensive end continues to be a problem for the Orange. But the more you see of Waiters the more you like. It's now 17-17 at the final media break before the timeout. Hasn't been pretty. And Syracuse needs to get some flow offensively. And at some point....Jardine and Joseph need to get involved offensively. But that may wait for the second half.

On a positive note, Georgetown trails ODU 19-13.

Again there wasn't a lot of excitement in the first half. There was a stretch there that the Orange actually put some distance between them and UNI but its still a three point game at the half. The Orange shot a miserable 31% in the first half, 25% from behind the arc.

There needs to be more movement offensively and they have to do a better job defensively rebounding which could lead to a few fast break points. I sort of having a feeling that one good burst from the Orange - and Triche, Jardine and Joseph have not been effective will open things up and make for a much more enjoyable (and watchable) second half.

The Orange has scored the first seven of the second half and its like I said one good burst and well we'll see where it goes from here. SU leads 30-20. We always talk about those nights where teams just shoot lights out over top the zone. How bout Northern Iowa being 3-for-20 from beyond the arc?

I guess this is what all the hype was about. It's all of a sudden 42-25 Orange and things feel a whole lot better. And yes Georgetown is likely to lose, down eight at ODU. But let's be honest, this is not your bracket busting Northern Iowa team. There is no Ali Farokhmanesh.  And they can't make anything.

But they do have Johnny Moran. Makes us Orange fans think of Johnnie Morant doesn't it? At least it makes me think of him. Remember that catch he made in the Dome against West Virginia? Or how about the option reverse TD at BYU. Ah memories of the football team.

So obviously I'm making football references....things must be going pretty well. And they are for the Orange. I'm still not convinced this team is a great team. But they do have a chance to get there. I especially liked what I saw from Rick Jackson facing the basket tonight. A soft little touch on the jumper. 

It took awhile, but Mookie got a shot up. And he knocked it down as well. And the lead is 20 at 55-35.

Joseph and Jackson each have 14 to lead the Orange. Let's see how they finish up. BTW, Georgetown has a bit of life in Norfolk.

The Orange has finished well. Jim Boeheim has earned career win 830. He's now tied for fifth all-time with Jim Phelan on the list. But Phelan never had anybody named Melo. 

A good second half and a good win. Onto Canisius on Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't think the Griffs would be able to force the tempo as much as Northern Iowa did early tonight.

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