Monday, November 30, 2009

Bag full of Riches

I know most of you don't like the BCS. At least the majority of the American people don't like the system. And you'll never get me to say its a good system. I just tend to believe its the best system under the constraints we are under. A playoff would be ideal. But the Universities make more money on this system, so until a playoff system keeps the money out of the NCAA's hands and in the BCS conferences it isn't going to happen. It's plain and simple. But let's look at what the BCS has provided us this year.

Heading into the regular season weekend there are plenty of intriguing games that all have an impact on the final result. Ultimately, this system is better than what we dealt with 10-15 years ago, when conference champions were locked into a bowl game and on the rare occasion that two teams would finish unbeaten, they'd almost certainly be headed to two different bowls. Now we have to contend with the possibility of more than 2 teams being undefeated, and the reality that teams from non-BCS conferences deserve a chance, but otherwise we generally match the top teams against each other - and even though there is no NCAA champ in football, we get this BCS champion that ends a lot of the debate.

THE CIVIL WAR - I'm sure the schedule makers were hoping that one of the two teams in the Oregon - Oregon State game would be a factor in the PAC 10 race. But I'm sure they never dreamed this would be a winner take all game for the Rose Bowl Berth. Looking forward to what should be an exciting game in the Great Northwest.

CINCINNATI @ PITTSBURGH - Credit the schedule makers again. Although this was a little easier. The Bearcats were the defending champs, the Panthers the preseason favorite. UC is currently fourth in the BCS standings and unbeaten. But should Texas falter in the Big 12 championship, seems possible that the Bearcats would earn the berth in the top game.

TEXAS VS NEBRASKA - BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP - The Horns have so much to lose in this game. The perfect season. The Big 12 championship. The BCS championship game slot. Nebraska is a formidable foe that might have the defense to keep this close and spirits lively in Cincinnati or Fort Worth.

ALABAMA VS FLORIDA - SEC CHAMPIONSHIP - The winner is going to play for the BCS Title. Both teams are undefeated, so this almost serves as a semifinal. Both teams have grueling defenses. 'Bama nearly got caught looking ahead in the rivalry game with Auburn, and make be without its offensive spark in Mark Ingram. That makes Florida the favorite. But this will be a classic.

Throw in a few other regular season games and championship games from the ACC, MAC, and CUSA and you've got quite a week of football. The BCS isn't perfect. It isn't ideal. But it is producing drama and stories and excitement for the fans. And most importantly, it is producing $$ for the universities. So either enjoy it for what its worth, or boycott it. But don't expect it to go anywhere soon.

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