Monday, November 30, 2009

On the Grapevine

The Mount will compete in an MTE (Multi-Team Event) next season. (2010-2011) Details of the event are still sketchy at this point but it appears that the Mount will get one home game out of it. Other teams participating in the event are Cincinnati, Dayton, Murray State, and a team to be determined. Based upon this year's schedule the Mount has home games with American, Navy and Siena already on the docket for next season, with trips planned to Loyola, Vermont and Niagara. MTE's count as one game toward the schedule and the Mount would get to play four total. Based on the way it has scheduled recently the Mount will likely look to add another home and home to the schedule and pick up several other guarantee games or may look for other options as the MTE gives it some flexibility.

The Edmonton Oilers have had a New York Mets like streak of bad injuries. The Oilers have already had players miss 155 games through less than 2 months of the regular season. Consequently, the Oilers are struggling in 14th place in the Western Conference. Recently, there has been some speculation that the Oilers were close to acquiring Eric Staal from the Carolina Hurricanes. Well, let's just put that all to rest. It isn't going to happen. The Canes have struggled as well, but they aren't getting rid of Staal. He is essentially the franchise player there on a team that has certainly been a disappointment this year, but shouldn't be looking to get rid of top talent.

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