Thursday, November 12, 2009

Surprise, Surprise

The game notes for the Mt. St. Mary's at Oklahoma game were released earlier and I'm sure it has some people a bit surprised.

The three returnees are there - Goode, Cajou and Beidler - no surprise in that, and Shawn Atupem is one of the two replacements for the departed Sam Atupem and Markus Mitchell.

The uncertainty had always been who would be the final starter. Well today we got a little bit of an idea.

Kristijan Krajina was listed as the fifth probable starter. That's a very interesting development. Certainly everybody realized that Krajina had the size and the talent to be a starter at this level. How quickly was the question? Partly because of a knee injury from last year.

So we'll see where this leads the Mount. Krajina is 6-9 and has some good post moves. In the limited amount that I have seen him, he plays well facing up to the basket and has extended range. His jump shot is soft and he gets it off fairly quickly.

I think the position was very wide open headed into camp. Tayvon Jackson, Danny Thompson and Krajina seemed to be the guys fighting the most for the position. Raven Barber and Jacolby Wells were both considered possibilities in the offseason, but with Barber out for the season and Wells for the first semester, it all shifted to the trio.

The Mount opens the season at Oklahoma and plays at American next Wednesday night. We're looking forward to the season getting rolling.

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