Saturday, November 21, 2009

View from my Couch - Saturday

My thoughts on the games I watch

College Football


As much as it pains a Syracuse fan to root for UConn, you've got to feel good for those kids today after what they have gone through. When they missed the kick at the end of regulation, you got the feeling that it was going to be disappointment for the Huskies again, especially when they had 2 TD's called back on penalties the drive before. But both teams scored in the first overtime, and then Notre Dame was held to a field goal. UCONN took advantage and scored the game-winning touchdown. After that touchdown a Notre Dame cheerleader shoved the Connecticut players celebrating in the end zone. And then there was the emotional Randy Edsall interview. An interview with Charlie Weis followed and there seemed to be some resignation from Weis that it indeed was his final postgame interview at Notre Dame Stadium. Pretty amazing to see a guy go from such an arrogant man to the state he is in right now in a relatively short period of time. UCONN won the game 33-30 in double overtime.


Another great finish that I caught the end of after the Notre Dame conclusion. LSU was down eight and seemingly just about done, but managed to drive the field and get a score. However, they couldn't get a conversion. But just when they appeared to be done, they recovered the onside kick. They moved the ball a little before being backed up and faced with a fourth and forever with nine seconds left. Again they seemed to be done. But they converted on the hail mary pass, but short of the end zone, again making it seem like the Tigers were done. But the clock stopped with one tick left to move the chains. LSU wasn't ready for the situation, didn't attempt to get the field goal unit on the field, instead somehow thinking they could stop the clock with a spike. But they never got the play off. Ole Miss won the game 25-23.


Not surprisingly we've got a game in the PAC-10. However, after Oregon took a 14-0 lead early it didn't seem like that would be the case. But Arizona got within 14-10 at halftime, scoring all its points in the closing moments, and has now taken the lead in the third quarter. The fourth quarter has just begun with Arizona driving and now scoring. The 'Cats have all the momentum. There is plenty of time for Oregon to rally, but they seem beaten at the moment. Stanford has lost to Cal, so the winner of this game controls their destiny in the PAC 10 - and the berth to the Rose Bowl. Oregon State still has life, essentially needing both an Oregon and Arizona loss and to be perfect the rest of the way. Oregon isn't going to go easy, they've answered Arizona's score with a score of their own - and it once again is a field goal game. So I couldn't stay up to watch the end of the game. I kept dosing off - so I decided to hit record and watch the rest in the morning. Glad I did. Oregon scored on a touchdown drive in the final seconds to force overtime. Jeremiah Masoli led the Ducks with some tremendous poise from the quarterback position. His touchdown run in the second overtime kept Oregon in line to earn a Rose Bowl berth. The Ducks will face Oregon State in a Thursday night showdown - a week after Thanksgiving. Equally impressive was the play of Arizona sophomore quarterback Nick Foles who threw for four touchdowns in keeping the Wildcats in it. Foles played with the composure of an upperclassmen and his next two years in Tucson should be exciting. OREGON won the game 44-41 in Double Overtime

College Hoops


Part of the deal when Jeff Capel left Richmond for Norman was that this game would happen. VCU made sure to make the most of it. They led most of the way and weathered everything that Oklahoma threw at them. Willie Warren struggled with his outside jumper and the Sooners just weren't ready to go on the road and face the emotion that VCU brought. Jay Gavin, who may be the second most influential transfer, led the Rams with 20. VCU won the game 82-69.

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