Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NEC Projections

From the bottom to the top

12. Bryant - First full season in the league, but they are ineligible for the conference championship, and the tournament for that matter.

11. St. Francis (PA) - Just doesn't have the players yet to consistently win in this conference. But I think they could be on the upturn.

10. Fairleigh Dickinson - Something isn't right at FDU. Firing Tom Green and when it happens, makes you have to wonder.

9. St. Francis (NY) - Will be battling to get into the tournament and should have a lot of upside.

8. Monmouth - I always think to highly of the Hawks. But I just have a feeling some of those young guys they've been playing we'll lead them back into the tourney.

7. Sacred Heart - Pioneers are always one of the better coached teams in the league and have sort of been ignored in the offseason. Maybe they become a surprise.

6. Long Island - Was looked at to be one of the favorites. But the injuries and the foreign defections may wear on this team. We'll see how it turns out.

5. Wagner - Came on strong at the end of last year. Some young guys will have to step up. I think they will.

4. Robert Morris - A lot of offensive holes in this team. How quickly Jones and Abraham come together will be a key. Robinson will get his points in the conference and they'll be a contender come March.

3. Central Connecticut State - I really thought they would be the top challenger and then the Ken Horton injury. They still can't be overlooked and Howie will find a way.

2. Quinnipiac - Tom Moore said that getting to the NEC championship is the next step. Bobcats continue to improve and maybe this is the year, but I'm not sold yet.

1. Mt. St. Mary's - Call it a homer pick if you like. But this team is the most balanced team in the league. Has both an inside and an outside game, plays tough defense and has the most experience. They seem determined to get back to the NCAA tournament after just missing last year. It could be a fun year in Emmitsburg.

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  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    One of the more interesting facts just published - the Mount's starting five - check it out and think about the implications.