Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday on My Tube

A collection of my thoughts on the games that I watch.....

College Hoops

Wake Forest @ East Carolina - Not really a road game. Game was played at Greensboro Coliseum. I only saw bits and pieces of the second half. And the game was over well before then. Wake allowed only 5 field goals the first half. Had great defensity intensity in what I saw in the second half. They have the feel of a good team. I like them. Kept waiting for Jim Hunter to give me the optimistic view on the Orioles.

Valparaiso @ North Carolina - This is the third time I've seen the Heels and I'm still looking for them to get something out of their halfcourt game. They run up and down the floor extremely well and they've got a lot of talent when they do it. However, I still don't see the offensive continuity you'd expect from them. Of course, they are replacing so many players that might be the reason. Valpo stayed in the game early following a good formula for mid-major road upsets. Limit turnovers, Rebound and Make a Few 3's. I really think Carolina might lose twice at the Garden this week. They'll have to be a lot better. Tyler Zeller had a good first half for the Heels. He just runs the floor so well. Valpo missed some open jumpers late and Carolina converted on some fast breaks and is likely going to goto the locker room up double figures. Valpo cut it to seven with an open jumper before the horn......Carolina opening it up a bit to start the second half. Heels lead 48-34 as Homer Drew has called his second timeout since the intermission. Valpo not doing as good of job protecting the basketball this half.....Deon Thompson has had a great start to the second half. 8 points in the second half.....Carolina gives up a lot of dribble penetration. They will need to fix that, quickly, against good teams.....Another timeout by Drew, Carolina is 6-of-7 in the second half and the lead is 15, 54-39. More pace for Carolina, works a little better for them....It's officially over at the Dean Dome, as if, but the Heels have stretched it to a 20 point lead. This is the best stretch, I've seen from them this year....After the tip to New York, Carolina plays Michigan State, Kentucky and Texas in the next month. Interesting....Stepped away for dinner and Valpo has cut it in half, and now to ten.....Deon Thompson got a huge stickback with about 3:20 left to quell the rally.....Valiant effort from Valpo. Carolina wins 88-77. Just that one stretch in the second half that was too much for Valpo to overcome. Brandon Wood had 30 in defeat. I'm not sold that Carolina is the #6 team in the land. At least not now.


Bengals @ Steelers - The last time the Bengals swept the Steelers during the regular season was a long time ago. But the Bengals accomplished the feat earlier today with an 18-12 win at Heinz Field. Definitely a defensive football game.

Eagles @ Chargers - Maybe at some point I'll give the Chargers the credit they deserve. But they continue to surprise me each week. The Eagles just seem like they should have more offensively. Or do more offensively. With all the talent they have it doesn't seem to click. Are the Chargers really the worst running team in the NFL? They've got Tomlinson and they are the worst. Hard to believe. Jeremy Maclin looks a lot bigger in the NFL then he did in college. Why is that?....I pick on the Eagles offense and they drive the length of the field. They had to settle for a field goal. Couldn't score after first and goal from the one. They are now less than 50% TD's on trips to the red zone this year. Not good....Make them 8-for-2o on trips to the Red Zone as the Charges held them out again before the half. Eagles have to feel somewhat good about the score at halftime. It looked like they were about out of it, and now its 14-6 at the break.....Eagles are in the red zone again. Guess what that means?....They actually scored. McNabb to Maclin. Not sure why down 13, they didn't go for two. I guess the fact they'd have to get it in the end zone again, which would hae been two plays in a row, had something to do with that decision.

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