Monday, November 09, 2009

Nightly Blog

Looking for a name to this nightly blog about college hoops. Send me your suggestions. Follow along with me at home - as we make our way through the best games of the night. Of course, when the Mount or Syracuse has a game we might go the live blog route. We're in that mood tonight. So we'll switch to that at about Orange tipoff time.

7:08PM - College Hoops is officially underway. North Carolina is up early on Florida International 11-4, 7 straight for the Heels. What is up with these UNC uniforms though?

7:12PM - I made it through the first media timeout, and my daughter is sending me for Ice Cream. Sounds like a good idea. I'm pretty sure this game will be over when I get back. Although FIU has settled down a little.

7:43PM - We are amazed at all the guys who we remember as a kid who played sports that now have kids playing sports. Larry Drew is the latest. And they aren't trying to fool us. Larry Drew Jr. keeps the guessing out of it. But how many of you remember that Larry Drew Sr. played for the Kansas City Kings. At least I think he did. Going to have to jump over to and be sure.

7:51PM - Was that just Rod Strickland's son who hit the jumper just before the halftime buzzer? Gonna have to research. But I was right about Larry Drew. He was with KC, before they moved to Sacramento. First year of his career in Detroit, and then with the Clips before he moved to the Lakers to close it out. But had the best years of his career in KC. UNC by 16 at the break.

8:14PM - Dexter Strickland is not Rod's son. Name and number just a coincidence. But Dexter did take his high school team in Jersey to three straight state titles. Lots of unfamiliar faces for Carolina. But the talent still resonates. Oh and remember when Jay Williams was Jason Williams. But speaking of father/son combos. Carolina's Ed Davis is the son of former NBAer Terry Davis. Heels lead by 23. By the way Ohio State leads Alcorn State 66-30, so no sense turning over there.

8:23PM - The Carolina uniforms are throwbacks to the 1957 National Championship team. They have a touch of red in them. And I'm glad that they aren't a permanent change. The lead is still 23.

8:34PM - About ready to switch over to the Live Blogging portion of the broadcast. This Carolina team certainly has a lot of talent and they might be pretty good come March. But its definitely a team that I could see losing in New York next week. I haven't seen where they can score if there are athletes on the outside and size in the middle yet. Of course they haven't had to do any of that. But still the collection of teams in NY next week should allow us to get the answers to those questions.

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