Friday, November 27, 2009

Syracuse Columbia First Half Observations

  • Columbia is a better team than most people would give them credit for. They shoot the basketball very well.
  • That was not a very consistent half for the Orange. They played well in spurts. But were off at other times as well.
  • Although its only a nine-point game, it sure seems like it is totally under control.
  • Syracuse didn't get any real contribution off the bench. Kris Joseph and Scoop Jardine each provided minutes but didn't really provide any lift.
  • Interesting that after Mookie Jones' public outburst he garned a few minutes of play in the first half. He didn't do anything, but he was active on the two or three defensive possessions he was on the floor. Still, I don't think the minute and a half he got is going to satisfy his need to play.
  • I thought that the Orange settled for jump shots too often. Not that they weren't open shots. But shots were taken when one additional pass might have led to a better opportunity.
  • Syracuse shot 52% per the halftime stats, you'd think that would produce more than a nine-point halftime lead against Columbia but that hasn't been the case as of yet.
  • I think the second half will lead to much of the same, except I think the Orange might get one big run about midway through it where they really extend the lead and push it to like 25 allowing Southerland, Jones and Riley to get some minutes the last five or six minutes of the game.


  1. Ray C9:21 PM

    Columbia picked 6th in the preseason Ivy poll, but the Ivy is pretty tight after Cornell at the top. Sadly, looks like Yale is going to struggle this season. Tidbit: Columbia coach Joe Jones, and Yale coach James Jones are brothers.

    Notre Dame struggling mightily against Northwestern's 1-3-1, getting some open looks, but hitting nothing. Finally, at the end of the half, Harangody figured out he could dominate inside, but Irish trail 33-30 at the half. Not much interior defense for ND, that's not going to bode well when they get into conference play. I think they'll still win this game.

    ND's women's soccer team beat Florida State 2-0 today to go the Final Four. Again. They'll meet North Carolina in the semis. Again.

  2. Notre Dame never did figure out the 1-3-1 and their defense is going to keep them from getting into the upper echelon of the Big East. If they shoot like they did tonight, the Irish are in trouble, they lose 72-58 on a neutral floor. Big win for Bill Carmody and company, maybe he's got a crew he can get back to the NCAAs with.

  3. Butler handled NW earlier in the week. I don't think they can handle the grind of the Big Ten schedule without their big star who is now out for the season.

    Notre Dame is picked because they have a lot back. But they didn't win with those guys before, why will they win this year.

    How much fun do you think the Portland Pilots are having in Anaheim?