Saturday, November 28, 2009

View from my Couch - Saturday

Thoughts from the games that I watch

College Hoops


The Boilers are likely to be the Big 10's highest ranked team when the new rankings come out next week. After a tournament win in The Virgin Islands, Purdue was a bit sluggish at the outset here, but a 9-0 run has helped them to open up a 18-11 lead with about six minutes left in the first half....Nothing flashy about Purdue but they do move well offensively - get in and out of their sets and guard you on the other end....They seem to be well built for the grueling Big Ten Schedule....Purdue is in total control at the start of the second half. Central Michigan hasn't been able to get anything going offensively as the Purdue defense has mainly been impenetrable. It's a 16 point Boiler lead....I doubt it really had anything to do with the 11:30 start, but this just hasn't been a very exciting game. Purdue is going to give a lot of teams trouble, but they are not going to wow you....Whatever the noise is that plays - the crowd makes - when an opponent shoots a foul shot is one of the most annoying sounds I've ever heard. Like fingernails on a chalk board, but worse. Here it comes again. They didn't do it that time. Made me happy but CMU still missed they are 5-of-10 and have 24 points in 31 minutes. So much for a point per possession. They'll be lucky to get a point per minute. The Big Ten Network announcer just said "Purdue has done this in workmanlike fashion." I guess so, its 49-24. Does workmanlike mean Ugly?....Robbie Hummel has a double-double for the Boilers. Workmanlike....Purdue trying to get ready for the B10/ACC Challenge this week. The Boilermakers host Wake Forest on Tuesday. There is that word again. "The Boilermakers lead Central Michigan in a workmanlike effort," The announcer says.....PURDUE Won The Game 64-38.


High hopes for the Explorers this season. They haven't exactly been sharp at the beginning of the season, but they are 3-1 after the Charleston tournament where they beat Davidson and Tulane....Villanova won the Puerto Rico Shootout. I was impressed with their championship win. The way they took control in the second half. During that game, because they nearly lost twice during the tournament, I sort of got the feeling that maybe they'd be the type of team that would do just enough to win each time out. They have an early 19-14 lead on Lasalle in a Big 5 game....Todd Graham on the call for ESPN2...LaSalle has thrown two straight alley-oops - out of bounds. Not the way to win against a Top 5 team on the road. 5 straight turnovers....'Nova is starting to gain some seperation, building a ten-point lead heading to the line - at the under 8....Good to see Jay Wright back in a suit. He needs those cufflinks. But Nova continues to make some silly mistakes. Lasalle has not not been sharp enough to fully take advantage and 'Nova to their credit is playing with a lot of energy....It is a nine-point game at the last media TO before the half....LaSalle is really doing a good job of getting the ball inside in the halfcourt offense - and they are creating turnovers on defense. They are creeping back into the game as a result....LaSalle made 10 of its last 14 shots but trails 38-30 at the intermission.



My thoughts from this game are in the Syracuse UCONN game thread


We like these rivalry games. But we're trying to figure out what happened to the Tar Heels at midseason. They looked good early but certainly weren't able to sustain that. Now they are playing just about as well as anyone at the end of the season. I'll keep an eye on them headed to the Bowl season....NC State just scored to draw within a field goal. It was a drive helped by three Carolina penalties. Two pass interference calls and a personal foul.....NC STATE Won The Game 28-27


Always seems like the underdog holds an edge in these rivalry games. They seem to be the team that comes in the most focused and has the greatest desire. South Carolina is putting it to to Clemson right now. A 24-7 lead fro the Gamecocks better than midway through the third....SOUTH CAROLINA Won The Game 34-17.


Another in-state rivalry game. Another underdog getting the win. Guess Oklahoma State's case for a BCS bowl is taking a beating here. Lots of folks in Idaho happy. Percentage wise I mean....Great punt return from Broyles for the Sooners as they extend the lead to 27-0....Seems to be a little bit of quit in the Cowboys at the moment....Oklahoma is just running over top of them....OKLAHOMA Won The Game 27-0


Are these throwback uniforms from the Gators?....I doubt they ever had the Oregon wings on their shoulders before. But the helmets are very similar to the version Florida wore in 1966 - although they are not exact....

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    Just returned home from the MSM-Navy game. Talent wise, Mount by 25. But a win is a win. Good points: Mount defense - a ton of steals and many blocked shots, also many shots not quite blocked, but "altered". Free throws not bad tonight. Rebounding much improved. Offense just not coordinated, but at crunch time the boys did it. Hooray.