Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday on the Couch

Thoughts and Views from the games that I watch

In between the tree decorating and the stringing up the lights, I plan on watching some games today.


The MAAC hosts this tournament each year so it gets a team in the field. Good move for the conference. Iona is trying to earn it a win in the early start at Disney. Rich Hollenberg, a former Z89er, and Len Elmore on the call from the Milk House.....IONA Won the Game 63-55


The two schools are playing for fifth place in Orlando - and they look like two teams ready to get back to campus. Nobody scored in the final segment of the half and it is a 26-25 game in favor of the Bears at halftime. Maybe the second half will get better. BAYLOR Won The Game 69-64.


By my count this is the third game in the Big East/ACC Championship challenge. I know my buddy JC made it up from West Palm for the game. He is a big Warrior (I know) fan.....For some reason when this game came on I had a Bob Sura flashback....Marquette was picked 12th in the Big East, Florida State was viewed as a potential dark horse in the ACC....All is going right for MU right now. They have extended a 12-point halftime lead and the start of the second half and look on the verge of putting the 'Noles away....Lazar Hayward is a big factor in the 17-point lead for Marquette. He has 13 and 9 at the moment....Florida State turned up the defensive intensity after a timeout, but they've got a long way back....Marquette still has matchups with NC State and Wisconsin before the Big East season....Florida State travels to Columbus to play the Buckeyes this week and will face Auburn and Texas A&M Corpus Christi outside of the conference....Marquette has let Florida State get some life by settling for jump shots. It is now 42-34 with under 10:33 to play....This is the third time I've seen Florida State this year. This is the second time they have made a ferocious second half charge. The first time, they played a terrible first half against Florida. They tried to make a game of it in the second half, but ran out of gas and Florida made some plays and won the game. Tonight in Orlando, they got at Marquette quicker - and made it a game down the stretch. Both teams matched each other play for play at the end, before Florida State finally won the game with a bucket with about 11 seconds left. It was a great win for the 'Noles, who could be pretty good in the ACC this year. We'll have to wait to see how the Golden Eagles respond from this meltdown....FLORIDA STATE Won The Game 57-56.



The Eagles got a big win a week ago, so that probably means they won't play well again today. So far, that is the case. The 'Skins scored early, and the Eagles were held to a field goal. The longer you let the Redskins stay in the game, the longer it is a problem for Philly....DeSean Jackson is one of the most exciting players in the league right now. He was about one step (maybe a half) from turning that nothing punt return into a touchdown....The whole Vick thing on third down worked for a week....Eagles showing absolutely no respect for the 'Skins offense though. Going for it on fourth down, twice, onside kicking, etc. Some is working as Weaver kept this drive alive....THE EAGLES Won the Game 27-24.


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