Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tids and Bits

Love this time of year with a lot of college basketball championships being decided. These early season tournaments are always exciting. And it's great to see quality teams play against each other outside of the conference schedule.

The Final Four in New York for the Coaches vs. Cancer maybe the best Final Four. The best total field maybe in Anaheim. Looking forward to that next weekend.

Those tourneys can help and hurt teams. Big loss for Penn State today. UNC-Wilmington is improved. But they were also 0-2 having lost at Appalachian State and then at home to George Washington. It means Penn State probably won't get to play two potential tourney teams as they would have with a win today. So even though they may now go 2-1 in Charleston, it might hurt them more if they had gone 1-2. Figure that out.

Great couple of days of basketball for me. Getting to watch the Orange tonight and tomorrow - and they look good. And then the Mount home opener against Loyola on Saturday afternoon. Hoping that it is a good crowd for the opener.

The Mount wants you to wear White to that game. I'm just passing the word. Amazing how the Winnipeg Jets have this much effect on the sports crowds of today. But wear white. I'll see you there.

Tim Lincecum is the NL Cy Young Award winner. Of course he is. No I didn't trade him. The fact that I had him and Felix Hernandez made me think that Zack Greinke was expendable. Just wait til they announce the AL MVP. I'll have another beautiful fantasy moment for you.

So, what do you think of Ireland and them calling for the replay. Sure it was a handball from Henry. Probably actually touched it twice. But they are not going to get FIFA to get them to replay the game. Partly because FIFA wants France in South Africa, and partly because they want to protect their referees. But it was a major missed call. And you go four years to qualify and then you get bounced on that. It's gotta be tough.

Quinnipiac has started well in the NEC - although they couldn't get the win on the road at Lehigh last night. The Engineers will be the favorite in the Patriot League. However, with all the hype for the Bobcats, I've been taking notice to what they are doing. And they put up some good efficiency numbers in the first two.

Pitt, a winner again tonight. Everybody realizes they struggled with Wofford in the opener. People don't realize that Wofford is pretty good. They bounced back with a win over Georgia to spoil the debut of Mark Fox. Nice to see wins like that for teams out of the Big South come about against BCS teams.

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