Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tids and Bits

Adam Jones won his first gold glove award earlier this week. The award was kind of cheapened though when Derek Jeter won one, don't you think? I mean Jeter had a great year, but he's an average shortstop (at best). Teixeira won one for the Yanks as well. Hard to argue with that. On the postseason alone.

Could Carlos Delgado be an Oriole next year? It would make some sense that the Orioles would try to buy some time before Brandon Snyder and Josh Bell take over at the corners. And they certainly could use a power hitter in the middle of the lineup. But I'm not sure the money that Delgado wants will make sense for the Orioles.

The other name that keeps be mentioned is Dan Uggla. He'd make the switch from second to third and that would make some sense. That could allow him to fill the position until Bell is ready or shifted to first. But I wouldn't think the Orioles would want to give up too much for him. Maybe a David Hernandez or a Tim Bascom could be the right fit?

I've been trying all week to determine what I was going to say about TCU moving past Cincinnati in the BCS polls. But after looking at it, I'm not so sure the Horned Frogs don't deserve to be higher. They've dominated just about everyone and have won at Virginia and at Clemson. A win over Utah this weekend will only help their cause.

Things are certainly getting worse for the Orange. The injuries are a real problem. It's unfortunate because the remaining three games might have given us an indication of if Syracuse had truly made any growth this year. It is nice to say we only lost by 14 whereas last year we last by 40 or whatever. But at somepoint there needs to be some results on the field. W's would be the best way. It seemed as if that might be possible with the lesser part of the Big East schedule left. I'm still encouraged by the progress and see improvement, but its obvious much of the fan base isn't quite as patient.

Evan Turner became just the second Buckeye to have a triple double in the season opener versus Alcorn State. He had 12 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists at halftime.

Just how deep is Jim Boeheim going to go on the bench this season? It seemed on Monday that he might extend it 4 or even 5 deep. But then he played just seven on Wednesday in the first half. No complaints. Boeheim likes the short bench. And his team has a lot of versatility in the first seven. And I feel fairly confident the next three can contribute in some sense as well.

I wasn't shocked when Kristijan Krajina was named in the starting lineup. But it was a little surprising that it came as early as it did. I thought he might have to play his way in. But Milan Brown used the same starting five each game last year, so he's not one to change things up midstream.

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