Friday, November 06, 2009

Tids and Bits

I guess we have to accept that the Yankees are going to win the World Series every once in awhile. They weren't going to be stuck at 26 forever. My consolation in it all is that Mike Mussina never got the ring he left Baltimore for.....The Phillies and Yanks was a good series. But I still yearn for a Game 7. I think that is one of the greatest moments/events in sports.....The Mount was picked to win the NEC this week. No surprise at all there....I think the big question for the Mount is who picks up the vacant starting slots. You have to expect that the first four are pretty well set. Goode, Beidler, Cajou and Shawn Atupem seem to have locks on the starting lineup. Tayvon Jackson probably has the first shot at being the starter, and Kristian Krajina and Danny Thompson will likely also be in consideration. I like Thompson a lot. I think he could really blossom this year. Either way, I expect all three will need to make contributions this year....The other possibility would be to slide Beidler inside and play with Holland on the wing....You definitely lose some size that way, but Kelly had 21 and 10 in the opening scrimmage, so he can be a force.....It all starts next Saturday at Oklahoma....The Orioles have to be looking to add a starting pitcher in the offseason. John Lackey's name will be brought up. I saw one comparison with Lackey and Jeremy Guthrie's numbers over the last two years. They are very, very similar. However, Guthrie's numbers were probably helped by a good 2008 and he wasn't as consistent as Lackey was. I'll bet a $ to a donut, Lackey isn't with the Orioles next year....Remember when the Mount beat LeMoyne.....I really thought before the season that this week's game at Pitt could be one the Orange would steal. I don't think that anymore....Mike Williams claimed on his Facebook page that "quitting isn't quitting when you're not wanted". No word on who he copied that from.....One final weekend of no college hoops....The season starts Monday. FIU and UNC on the U at 7pm....


  1. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Lackey may already be penciled in for pinstripes!

  2. I don't think the Yankees will go after pitching this offseason. Unless it is a couple of bullpen guys. But nothing would surprise me.