Monday, November 30, 2009

Tids and Bits

As an Orioles fan, I am rooting for the Nets to lose five more games in a row. I know that it really doesn't take the Orioles out of the record book. But at least the Nets will be the true team of futility. The early season debacle has already cost Lawrence Frank his job. Of course it only took the Orioles six games to get rid of Cal Ripken Sr. The Nets play Dallas next, so there is a good chance that they will break the NBA record. Clippers and Heat fans are rooting for it. Proportionally, the Nets have already surpassed the Orioles. But in some ways that is like counting in Dog Years.

The NFC Wild Card almost seems to be decided. Both Philadelphia and Green Bay are being chased by the Giants. But with New York losing 5 of 6 and the new foot injury to Eli Manning, it doesn't seem like the Giants are much of a threat. Atlanta has been sputtering as well, but could pose a challenge if they get hot down the stretch. They seem to have the schedule to make that happen, but a win over Philadelphia on Sunday is virtually a necessity to make that happen. San Francisco could make a push, but coming back from 2 games down with five to go, seems unlikely.

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