Sunday, November 22, 2009

View from My Couch - Sunday

Thoughts from the games that I watch

College Hoops

Valparaiso @ Michigan State

2nd time I've had the opportunity to watch both of these teams. Michigan State has started very sharply. They lead 28-11 ten minutes in. Valpo hasn't been able to get shots that dropped against UNC to fall today. And you can see that Michigan State is just more intense defensively. They seem to be playing with a greater intensity today - then they must have on Friday night. This game is part of the Legends Classic. The Spartans will go to Atlantic City (that is a change) to play a pair next weekend...The Spartans have a free throw match for Arinze Onuaku. Derrick Nix is 1-for-17 on the season after missing a pair early today....Michigan State will play Florida in the first game - and then play Rutgers the next night....Judd Heathcote goes into the College Basketball Hall of Fame tonight in Kansas City. Tom Izzo will leave for KC after the game....If you have the Big Ten Network, you've got to turn on the game, just to see Homer Drew's tie and outfit....I just realized the Spartan logo is on the back on the State jersey. Has that always been there? I don't like it....Brandon Wood is very good scorer. He's got 12 in the first half in East Lansing after scoring 30 in Chapel Hill.....Very crisp first half for Michigan State. They are a top ranked team and playing like it. Although from Tom Izzo's words at the break, it didn't sound like he was pleased with the win over Toledo on Friday....Michigan State won the game 90-60

Miami vs. South Carolina
Didn't seem to be a lot of folks who thought to highly of Miami before the season. But they are about 11 minutes away from winning the Charleston Classic...They beat Tulane and UNCW to get here, so that wasn't necessarily all that impressive. But they are facing South Carolina today. The Gamecocks are expected to contend for an NCAA berth....Miami is using a 2-3 zone to help them pull away.....South Carolina is trying desperately to get back in this game. They have climbed within 8 at the Under 4, but its still a long way from here....Miami won the game 85-70

No HD in Puerto Rico...None in SC either, major disappointment, I've become a HD Snob.....Villanova smoking early - up 8-0, Andy Kennedy called a quick timeout....Nova making sure nothing is easy in PR, as the Rebs have evened things up early on.

NFL Football

Redskins @ Cowboys

Are the Cowboys really this bad? They've gone three quarters and done nothing offensively....Obviously, the Redskins defense isn't that bad, but you'd expect Dallas to be able to do something. But it is now essentially 2 weeks in a row, where they have been non-existent. Only 7 points a week ago in the loss at Green Bay....So do performances like this help or hurt Jim Zorn?....All game without a point and the Redskins seemed like the better team - and now Dallas leads....That is why you have to take advantage of the opportunities when you control the games....Cowboys won the game 7-6


Pittsburgh getting a lot more than anyone expected at Arrowhead today. Lots of mistakes for Pittsburgh, signifying a team that wasn't ready to make the trip. Although they do have a 21-7 lead in first downs, it shows how the mistakes can cost you....Great hustle by both Santonio Holmes and Rashard Mendenhall to prevent the pick six moments ago. KC ended up with only three points....KC has such a great fan base. It is amazing how loud it sounds when the Steelers do something....I think Pittsburgh might have the best traveling fans in the NFL, if not the best fans in sports....How much of an impact do the Steeler fans have in KC? There is a sign hanging from the first row of seats -- saying FIRE ARIANS -- only time I can ever remember seeing a sign about the opposing team and what they should do with their coaches - and not the head coach at that -- in an NFL stadium....Can the Steelers go the length of the field to win this without overtime?....Chiefs won the game 27-24 in OT.


Patriots convert on a fourth down today...But didn't understand the third down call. If you need to decoy to get a yard on a quarterback sneak, then don't run a quarterback sneak.....Patriots won the game 31-14.

EAGLES @ BEARS - When I think Eagles Bears, I immediately think fog. And I flip the channel over and there seems to be a smoky feel to the game....Vick just made a huge play on third down. Seemed like he hesitated in the backfield before taking off, but the hole was so big, I could have run through it....Eagles going to get a field goal attempt as the drive stalls again....

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  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Hounds saw the tape of the AU game with the Mount hitting all the 3's; thus the game plan you observed. Loss of Holland changed the rotation for MSM, but the defensive intensity against a team at Loyola's level was excellent. Eventually, the better team won handily. Agree on Thompson. he was a force in HS.