Thursday, November 19, 2009

Observations from American Win

There are plenty of ways to look at this game....I'm going to start with the positive.

....This was a double-digit road win against an NCAA tournament team from last year. And when all is said and done, American will likely be a factor in the Patriot League race.

....Kelly Beidler stepped up big in the second half after picking up two fouls in the first half and missing some minutes as a result. He made three three-pointers during the Mount's big run in the second half - and he finished with 14 points and 8 rebounds. I was actually surprised he wasn't in double digits in rebounds. He was the key rebounder for the Mount.

....Jeremy Goode played within the frame of the game. He made his teammates better and came to life when needed in the second half. He scored 17 points and is 5 assists closer to becoming the all-time leader at MSM.

....Shawn Atupem continued to prove that he can be a force offensively for the Mount. He seems to get better everytime out. His confidence at the offensive end is skyrocketing and he rarely came off the floor.

....This really wasn't a very good AU team. They've now played 5 games (2 exhibitions against DIII opponents - man do I miss the rivalry with Randolph-Macon) and won only once. The only game that was really against top notch competition was against the Mount. The Eagles are going to get better as the year goes on and its hard to imagine the Mount seeing as good of an interior tandem as what they faced at Bender, but the Mount has to do a better job defensively in the post. And the needs to start with more pressure on the ball outside, to prevent those passes inside.

....The other factor with that was AU outrebounded the Mount 40-35. Not a big difference, but the fact that AU had 14 offensive rebounds is concerning. If you want to be a good defensive team, you have to limit second chances. The possession doesn't end until you gain possession.

....Finally, free throw shooting. It was flat out atrocious. 7-of-17, is hideous. And if the previous commenter is right 4 front ends of one on ones. That means 7-of-21 in free throw opportunities. It always used to bother me when I had a high school coach who actually calculated your percentage on those missed opportunities. But it shows the points that were eliminated. A better job must be done against better competition. That needs to start Saturday versus Loyola.

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  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Things thus far not mentioned - first is the speed and improved control and decent contribution from Trice. Good signs.

    As for Krajina - huge upside. True freshman, amazing recovery from ACL surgery and rehabilitation, will gain strength within 2 months, assuming he is still following a prescribed training program. Watch him - we are seeing a player 6'9" who doesn't lose the ball, knows how to cut and pass and set a screen. His stroke is good and shot percentage will also improve.