Saturday, November 28, 2009

Syracuse UCONN Football Game Thread

Post your thoughts and comments from the finale of Doug Marrone's first season here....


  1. Rough start for the Orange.

    Once again a game delayed by a replay for a long period of time, when the call was rather obvious.

    The defense made the Huskies work for it, but its a touchdown nonetheless.

    7-0 UCONN

  2. A long drive from Syacuse ends with a Ryan Lichtenstein field goal.

    It's an answer, but not necessarily a big enough one.

    The defense needs to respond now.

    7-3 UCONN late in the first quarter.

  3. Special teams is killing the Orange here. A UCON kickoff return has made it 14-3. Might not be the type of finish to the season Syracuse was looking for.

  4. A defensive stop for the Orange and a chance to get he offense back on the field and get its first lead of the day. Let's see what we can do.

    UCONN 14-10 in second.

  5. Mike Stenclik is playing his last game for the Orange. He must have been one of the worst practice players ever. Because he always impressed me when given the opportunity on the field.

    I'm starting to feel good about the matchup of the UCONN offense versus the SU defense.

  6. The Orange seems to be beaten in Storrs (East Hartford) today. No answer to stopping the mix of offense that the Huskies throw at them.

    Doug Marrone's first season is going to end 4-8. The record alone won't show progress, but the effort and competitiveness seems to be an indicator.