Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nightly Blog

10:08PM - Carolina is up 31 at the start of the second half and Roy Williams just subbed out the entire five as no points have been scored in the first two minutes of the second half. He obviously wasn't happy with something.

10:25PM - Flipped over and watched a little football. It is not much closer there. Central Michigan does have a fine quarterback in Dan Lefevour. He is one of those guys who it seems like has played forever though.

10:30PM - CMU isn't letting up. Lefevour just threw another touchdown, his second passing TD of the night. He's run for four more. The Chippewas have scored 42 in a row. Hard to imagine that Toledo actually had a lead in that game.

10:37PM - Carolina just keeps going up and down the floor on NCCU. Both of the teams that played on Monday night (Syracuse and UNC) playing against inferior opponents tonight that were making their debut. And both of the big time teams seemed much sharper. Plus the smaller teams were still working a lot of the offseason out. Made some of it a little easier for them. Also makes me think that Cal might have a little bit easier of a time tonight than it did Monday. Detroit is a decent team and could give Cal some fits. Still I think the Bears will be a little better tonight, and Detroit will be working out some of the kinks.

11:00PM - I think that this tournament may setup well in New York next week. Certainly four top 25 teams and it should be interesting.

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