Wednesday, November 18, 2009

View from my Couch - Wednesday Night

Here are my thoughts from the games I'm watching

College Football

Buffalo @ Miami (OH) - We appreciate the effort from ESPNU to bring us an early start kickoff game on a Wednesday. Maybe we do. These are two bad football teams...How bad? Greg Robinson beat them both...And they are not much better now...Miami has moved the football a little bit....But turned it over while driving the last time they had it....Buffalo hasn't done much - and is playing without the one time Syracuse recruit Naaman Robinson....The weather is starting to be a factor here.....Miami just got on the board. A field goal....An open mike when the U headed to the break and the announcers are talking about that being the only score of the game....They must be having as good a time as I am....It's cold and wet, but, come on....That was a 15 play - 58 yard drive - that led to a 37 yard field goal.....Announcers talk about no more scoring, Buffalo promptly marches the length of the field for the game's first touchdown...Granted they didn't have a first down before that drive, but as soon as the announcers talk about no scoring, you figure this is going to turn into a shootout....Buffalo is doing its part to make it a shootout. They went right through the RedHawks for another touchdown...Miami had some momentum, changed quarterbacks, new QB drove them for a FG, switched QB's back and now the offense seems to be sputtering. I never understand those rotating QB systems. Although tonight it apparently has something to do with Senior Night.

Nevada @ UNLV

I saw most of the first half, before I fell asleep. It was a good game. Fairly exciting, between two teams that will contend for tournament berths. Luke Babbitt is the real deal for the Wolf Pack - and the announcers said he wasn't playing well. I also learned that there are 8 hours between the two schools. Nevada is a big state. This is known as the Silver State rivalry - and the battle for Carson City. Lon Kruger might have been the difference as the Rebs made some adjustments at halftime. He's an underappreciated coach.

UNLV won the game 88-75

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