Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Night on the Couch



Devery Henderson could not have been more wide open then he was on that last play....The long touchdown pass gave the Saints a 17-7 lead - as New Orleans has scored two straight touchdowns got grab control. It is imperative for the Patriots to get something back quickly....Bobby Bowden will annouce his retirement tomorrow. Does that mean Joe Paterno can be far behind?....When was the last time we saw Bill Belichick with that look on his face?....The Pats had to do a lot to keep that drive alive, but ultimately they got within seven with a Gostkowski field goal....The Saints have answered with a touchdown and the Patriots are in serious danger of letting this get away. They look like a fighter struggling to stay on its feet and hoping to get through the round to its corner....To follow up on my fight analogy from above, I think the Patriots were able to make it through the fight without the ref stopping it, but there was really no doubt when it went to the scorecards. Randy Moss didn't even know the score. My impression was that people were waiting on the Saints. That nobody really believed they were as good as the record indicated. They are. And a few more people believe it this morning. Last night was one of those statement games - and in some ways, New England was lucky it was as close as it was.

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  1. It will be strange not seeing Bowden on the sidelines for Florida State; he certainly had a phenomenal career and will be missed by the fans