Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Scanning the Headlines

Here are the headlines on ESPN.com right now.....

Seriously Good.....Obviously they are talking about the Bengals. The picture of Marvin Lewis gives it away. But it's also obvious that Jim Breech's former team has been just that. They swept the Steelers with the win on Sunday. I think the last time that happened Neil O'Donnell was the Steelers QB.

Bills Fire Jauron After Poor Start... Does this come as a surprise to anyone? Jauron firing the OC days before the season should have made it pretty obvious. Plus when are folks in the NFL going to realize retread coaches don't work out well. They should all go the way of Ray Handley.

Royals Greinke wins AL Cy Young Award... This really should come as no surprise. I traded him from my fantasy team days before the season opener. Hey, I got Howie Kendrick and Brett Anderson for him.

Johnson makes it official, signs with Bengals... Moves like these are the kind we've come to expect and love out of the Bengals

Weis thinks future at Notre Dame hasn't been Decided... It is that kind of thought process that has gotten him in trouble.

Eagles' Westbrook to meet with Specialists... That scares me. That really does.

Shanahan retires from NHL after 21 seasons... Gets a Coach K Court dry Erase board and a set of teeth as parting gifts

Knicks won't rule out Iverson as potential fit... How do you type a laugh (lol)?

Chiefs' Bowe Suspended for Drug Violation... Is this really front page news? There is a marathon going on afterall.

Mangino matter prompts Kansas Football Probe... That is the last time I want to see Mangino and probe in the same sentence. At least they removed internal from the headline. But seriously, they are cheating? No kidding. They are winning football games in Lawrence, don't act like its a surprise.

Hollinger: First Unveiling of Power Rankings... Sometimes you have to read more than the headline

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