Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quick Takes

Is Bobby Bowden going to be the coach at Florida State next year? I really don't know the answer to that question. I know that the 'Noles continue to be one of the more athletic teams around, so you have to wonder how they actually can be 6-6 with the team they have. I think that Bowden has done enough for the program that he'd earned the right to step aside when the time is right. However, right now might be that time. Still, I think if he wants to fix the problems that have been created he should be given that opportunity. To me, and I'm a huge outsider, it seems like the problem might be in the impact that Jimbo Fisher is having on the program. There doesn't seem to be a good continuity between he and Bowden and one way or the other, something needs to change.

With the Mount taking on Georgetown tomorrow night, I was reminded of the great players that played for the Hoyas back in the early 90's when I was at Syracuse. I will never forget a trip in the fall of 1991 to NYC and Madison Square Garden for the conference's media day and the size of the hands of Alonzo Mourning. Nor will I ever forget how quick Allen Iverson was with a basketball. Truly, Iverson is probably the quickest person I've ever seen live. Not sure how the whole retirement thing is going to turn out. AI could certainly help someone in the right situation, but not sure that he could allow himself to be a role player. Some guys just aren't cut out to take on that type of role. Iverson may very well be one of those guys. He had a tremendous career and letting it end now might be what is best for everyone.

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  1. Ray C4:34 PM

    Amidst the soccer action today, watched a good amount of the 7th place game in Anaheim. Don't think they imagined UCLA-Long Beach State at the 11:30 am tipoff on the final day, and Long Beach was better pretty much from start to finish in a 79-68 win, sending the Bruins to 8th place, a 2-4 record and Kansas and Mississippi State coming up next (with Notre Dame still in the non-conference schedule, too). They better hope the PAC 10 is as bad as they've looked so far. Could Kevin Love's departure make that much difference, remember they went to three straight Final Fours until last season.
    By the way, Dan Monson doing a decent job at Long Beach. I'd like to say I feel good for him, but he seems like a shady character.